Each .5 gram or 1 gram joint is packed with pure love. (available in indica, sativa or hybrid)


Made from the finest medical cannabis, fortified with Keif Available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid versions packed in waterproof odor free tubes Machine sealed. (available in .5 gram or 1 gram pre-rolls)


Sativa, Indica or hy-brid this pre-roll will set your mind at ease (available in .5 gram or 1gram joints, sativa, indica or hybrid)


From the ground, to the stars and to the moon, enjoy this tastey infused joint rolled in some of the finest cannabis oil on the market. Available as a sativa, indica or hybrid (.5 gram or 1 gram pre-rolls)

ABOUT Joint Ventures

In this day and age with a wide variety of marijuana ingestion methods to choose from. The vast majority of cannabis connoisseurs still prefer the pure pleasure of smoking a well rolled joint. That’s why Joint Ventures has a laser focus on Just Joints. Our joints are made with the highest grade premium strains of cannabis on planet earth. Our obsession with quality and our relentless pursuit of the ultimate joint has made us an industry leader.


After thousands of hours of research and development in 2016 Joint Ventures introduced it’s proprietary rolling technique to industry experts to rave reviews. The smooth draw, even burn, delicious smoking experience was instantly recognized as a wow, game changer and the word spread fast.


Joint Ventures is committed to the community. It has become widely accepted the cannabis is a legitimate / better medicinal option for many medical conditions. Joint Ventures donates 5% of gross sales to drug treatment centers in the fight against opioid addiction. Joint Ventures strongly advocates the responsible use of it’s products by adults over the age of 21 years.


Joint Ventures mission is to provide the highest quality products with the best customer service possible. We want to serve you please call us or drop us a line and let us earn your trust.

Why Just Joints?


Better taste

When you smoke cannabis out of a clogged pipe the taste is ragged and tinged with resin and ash. Smoking a pristine joint is fresh and pure. The taste is an unadulterated sensory explosion that is unequaled for the serious connoisseur.


Faster / Ease of Use

Some people don’t have time to handle cannabis. It’s sticky, it gets on your fingers and on your clothes. You have to break off a bud, clean out a pipe, clean up crumbs & ash. Then, when you’re finished you have to wash your hands and face and maybe change your shirt. Smoking a joint is faster. You put the joint to your mouth and enjoy.



Even in 2017 many people feel the need to be discreet using marijuana.  Carrying a joint is easier to conceal and dispose of than a collection of smoking paraphernalia. Smoking joints are superior in smell management. If you handle sticky buds and forget to wash your hands you could emanate a pungent odor that could compromise your privacy.



There is a myth that smoking joints is more expensive than smoking from a pipe. This can be true but is certainly not a rule. Most of our customers don’t smoke a whole joint when they smoke. Often the best experience come from taking one or two puffs and a single joint will last many people a week or two.



All good reasons aside there is no argument that a perfectly rolled joint  of a premium strain from Joint Ventures is undoubtedly an incredible smoking experience.